Characters of Mexico City

Carlos sallas 001

Characters of Mexico City 001: "A short square man gets into the subway. It's hot and crowded but he seems full of joy wearing a flower pattern tie. I guess he got used to the caos of the city."

Carlos sallas 002

Characters of Mexico City 002: "After a long day of work, he stops to eat some tacos. He's alone but enjoying every moment of it." (8:30pm)

Carlos sallas 003

Characters of Mexico City 003: "A very happy gentleman playing a typical 'organillo' and smiling at everyone that passes by" (2 pm)

Carlos sallas 004

Characters of Mexico City 004: A humble man pushes his tricycle through the city, bringing his "mobile restaurant" to sell food near an office building. (12 pm )

Carlos sallas 005

Characters of Mexico City 005: A "bocinero" enters the subway blasting out some salsa music and selling CD's. I enjoyed the songs. (3 pm)

Carlos sallas 006

Characters of Mexico City 006: Two police women lough out loud while waiting for people that need to cross the street. Don't know what they were talking about but i guess it was very funny haha. (12 pm )

Carlos sallas 007

Characters of Mexico City 007: A man sweeping the streets falls asleep on the job. Can't blame him, it is a tough job to try to clean this city. (4am)

Mexico City is one of the largest in the world and it is growing each day. People from all parts of the country and the planet coexist, creating a very rich and complex culture. Every corner is filled with interesting human beings that give a very special look an vibe to this metropolis.

This is an attempt to portray this great city through the characters that live in it.  

April 17, 2017